MOV Reptile House Rescue and Sanctuary Serving the Mid-Ohio Valley

Educational Presentations

 Our Education mission is to inspire students & people of all ages to learn and understand more about the natural world and reptiles.

We provide Fun, Interactive, and Educational Presentations for all ages with live reptiles.

Learn about the origins, habits and behaviors
of these much misunderstood creatures.
Fear comes from a lack of understanding.
Our program will help you to understand
these animals and gain respect for them
rather than fear.

Our goals:
To maintain the highest quality standards for our presentations and services.
To provide the best customer service possible.
To provide educational shows that feature wildlife in a responsible manner.
To educate the public on some of nature's most amazing and misunderstood animals.


 If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth. ~Chief Seattle of the Suquamis

The Rescue

Because reptiles are becoming more and more popular as pets the number of these unwanted pets is also on the rise. Many people walk into a pet shop... and can easily purchase a cute little snake or lizard not realizing that in a few years these pets grow large, consume large amounts of food, and like cats and dogs, when upset they can have a painful bite. People also don't realize how much care is involved in owning a reptile, even a small one. Reptiles and amphibians require daily attention, food, water and vet care just like any other pet. Most pet shops do not offer information about care and behavior and their staff is uneducated about the animals they are selling. This is an ever growing problem resulting in many unwanted reptiles.

.We DO accept unwanted reptiles into the program as space is available. Depending on the animal it may either become part of educational program or we will place the animal up for adoption to a suitable home. Once an animal is surrendered it becomes property of The Reptile House and all decisions on animals future and purpose will be at the sole discretion of the House. We have a firm No-Kill policy... we DO NOT "put to sleep" any animal, except when euthanasia is recommended due to an incurable or untreatable medical condition and the animal will not have any quality of life.

We DO NOT accept any venomous or native species. For concerns involving reptiles native to WV please contact WV DNR directly.

* At this time we are not accepting Aquatic Turtles or Iguanas into our education program or adoption program.

Remember that it is illegal to take animals out of the wild. Please do not release any captive reptiles or amphibians into the wild. This can result in spreading disease and polluting the gene pool of wild populations. This can result in elimination of certain species which can disrupt the natural order of the environment. In addition, non-native species are not adapted to survive in our environment which means they will probably die. Please be responsible and release your pets to a local reptile rescue.




Since we receive no public funding, most of our operating budget comes from people like you. Your donation can help us strive toward a world where every reptile has a home. You can give online through PayPal using the donate button below. All donations are used to provide the reptiles with housing needs, food, bedding, veterinary care and other daily expenses.



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